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Top 5 Posts from the Financial Forensics Blog in 2019
January 13, 2020

Top Posts of 2019 Financial Forensics Blogs

It was an action-packed and fulfilling year here at Lowers Forensics International and we have enjoyed sharing our insights with you along the way. It’s always interesting to look back at what resonated most with the readers of our blog. Today, we are pleased to share the top 5 most-read posts of 2019 from the Financial Forensics Blog.

#1: 5 Financial Forensics Trends to Watch in 2019

Today’s dynamic, digital, and global world plays out in all aspects of our personal and business lives. In the field of financial forensics, these realities show themselves in the rising industries we engage in and the approaches we use to get to the truth. Here are some trends that caught our attention.

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#2: When Catastrophe Strikes: The Cost of Business Interruption

The risk of a catastrophic event causing a short term, long-term, or permanent shutdown of a business is growing. Learn how much a catastrophic event could cost your business, and what you can do to prepare for the worst.

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#3: Decoding Cybersecurity Losses: Forensic Accountants to the Rescue

Faced with the grim reality of data breaches and other cyber threats, cybersecurity specialists and forensic accountants are becoming fast friends, working to unravel both the sources and costs of specific cybersecurity-related losses.

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#4: When Fraud Happens: Daniel Devine on Fraud / Fidelity Loss Investigations

Based in our Jersey City, NJ office, Daniel Devine, CPA, CFF brings more than 30 years of forensic accounting experience to major insurance carriers, law firms and corporations. One of the areas that Daniel focuses on is fraud / fidelity investigations. We sat down with Daniel recently to talk about his work.

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#5: The Wide Impact of Wide Area Damages: A Forensic Accounting Perspective

Business interruption claims in wide impact disasters scenarios are one of the most complex claim types, and an experienced forensic accounting team is absolutely essential.

These disasters present unique challenges for settling business interruption claims. In this blog, we’ll explore what those obstacles are and highlight how the insurance industry is responding.

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We look forward to another year working with great companies and partners. Along the way, we will continue to do our best to share our insight and experience with you here on the Financial Forensics Blog. Stay tuned!

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