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Quickly and Accurately Quantify Business Interruption Claims

Lowers Forensics International uses its proprietary platform Stratis™ to help insurers get clients back on their feet by quickly and accurately quantifying business interruption claims. This integrated and technology-focused forensic accounting process from LFI saves insurance companies significant time and money, helping to make the best of a bad day.

Save on Loss Adjustment Expenses
Reducing the amount of time that it takes to settle a claim is better for all parties. Especially the insured.
Benefit from Efficiency
Power up your teams and inspire your clients with a seamless workflow, diligent communication, and an ability to pivot quickly.
Deliver Quality and Transparency
For a better customer experience and deeper understanding of the claim, give clients (and your team) a window into the process.

Get to Know Stratis

The Stratis platform integrates technology enabled process to manage industry-leading accurate calculations verified by expert forensic accountants, cutting time to settlement and cost in-half.  Insurers benefit from automation and efficiencies while being able to offer their clients increased transparency.

Automated Claims Processing

Claim Data

Expert Review

Final Calculations


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