Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting and Consulting

A Leader in Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting and Consulting

The unpredictable and devastating impacts of losses and catastrophic events require a timely and specific response. Our independent and objective forensic accountants understand the delicate balance between crisis, relationships, accuracy, and timeliness that arises during the property and casualty claims adjustment process.

Service Areas

Our team brings extensive experience to property, fidelity, liability, cyber, and casualty insurance matters worldwide.

Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting and Consulting

We review and quantify potential economic damages for our clients. Our experience includes the analysis and calculation of primary insurance claims including business interruption, extra expense, inventory losses, contingent business interruption, fidelity, cyber claims and property damage.

Stratis AI Platform

Using machine learning and built-in algorithms, our expert team uses Stratis, our proprietary business interruption tool. Stratis catches red flags and generates accurate calculations that are verified by expert forensic accountants and reviewed by top-level executives. Adaptable to any product line and any portfolio, Stratis is the most advanced claims accounting tool available.

Fidelity Insurance Claims

Too often, dishonest employees cause financial losses to companies. After a thorough forensic investigation, an important follow-up is to ensure that adequate training and internal controls are in place so that the fraud does not occur again. Another remedy is to file a fidelity insurance claim. Fidelity coverage protects businesses from losses stemming from theft of property, forgery, or fraud. The Lowers Forensics team combines our deep forensic accounting investigation and insurance claims skills in order to help confirm the quantum of loss.

Cyber Insurance Claims

We combine financial forensics and risk mitigation solutions to address today’s dangerous cybersecurity threats and to recover swiftly in cases where a loss occurs. Our forensic accounting team offers post-incident investigatory and evidentiary support. We have vast experience working on behalf of breached companies or their insurers to quantify damages stemming from lost revenue, extra expenses, tangible assets, or business reputation.

Cyber Loss Investigations

Our professionals are experienced and skilled in measuring cyber losses and business interruption losses. This includes quantifying data (PII, Financial or otherwise) that was potentially compromised due to a breach and measuring lost profits and additional costs associated with hacking and ransomware attacks.

Catastrophic (CAT) Claims

Catastrophes have devastating and wide-reaching effects on both individuals and businesses. Rarely can we control how disasters impact us and the world around us, but we can always control how we react when they occur. As a forensic accounting firm, we efficiently assist insurers in assessing claim value to ensure that claims are paid out efficiently and accurately in the wake of a catastrophic event. This is a perfect scenario where our Stratis AI platform provides a quick turnaround report for claims or reserves on a flat fee basis.

Insights About Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting and Consulting

Leveraging AI for Efficient Processing and Classification of Financial Data in Insurance Claims

July 11, 2023

This blog explores the benefits of leveraging AI in financial data processing, highlighting how it enhances efficiency and expedites the lifecycle of insurance claims.

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Navigating Business Interruption and Extra-Expense Claims When Inflation, Workforce Shortages, and Supply-Chain Issues are High

November 17, 2022

At the recent PLRB Regional Conference series in Rhode Island, Lowers Forensic International SVP Danielle Gardiner co-presented “Not Your Typical Business Interruption,” a continuing education session for adjusters that provided real-world examples of how to navigate these unique and challenging times.

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Business Interruption Claims & Implications for Loss Calculations

January 1, 2022

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, recent social unrest, supply chain interruptions and now the workforce shortage, there have been some very interesting issues thrown into the claims process. Labor shortages are expected to impact the economy and, as a result, the claims process well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Knowing how to deal with it and how to account for its impact on the claims process is critical to weathering this storm.

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