Globally Trusted in Financial Forensics for Litigation Issues

Lowers Forensics International offers a global team of forensic accounting professionals to bring sound financial evidence and expert witness testimony in depositions, the courtroom, and alternate dispute resolution settings.

Attorneys and clients rely on the expertise of the Lowers team, which spans the globe, industry lines, and practice areas, to extract the truth behind the numbers. With proven expertise, our team helps clients bring clarity to the financial reality of any situation during the course of litigation.

Service Areas

We provide the qualified, well-reasoned expert witnesses to validate the veracity of issues related to the matter at hand.

Damages and Expert Testimony

We provide damages analysis and quantification (and, if needed, expert reports and testimony) in the context of commercial disputes such as breach of contract, intellectual property, and a variety of other types of disputes, as well as individual disputes such as personal injury, loss of earnings, and wrongful death. We are experienced in federal and state courts, as well as in arbitration settings. Our experts have broad and deep experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality/restaurant, construction, communications, healthcare, real estate, financial services, and several others. From fact finding and discovery to computation of damages, development of strategy, trial/arbitration preparation, settlement negotiations, and opposing expert rebuttal with written and oral expert testimony, our team is here to assist.

International Reach

Multinational businesses often have cross-border disagreements or disputes with newly acquired entities, vendors, competitors, customers, government agencies, or shareholders. Those disputes often lead to others. When an organization becomes involved in disputes of this nature, including international litigation, arbitration, or mediation, our team can break through international barriers and provide an in-depth analysis of the financial, operational, and economic issues affecting the matter. We mobilize the appropriate support to assist our clients in all phases of the matter in any part of the globe.

Dissolution of Marriage

Our professionals bring a diversity of experiences, allowing us to handle virtually any financial issue that arises during a divorce proceeding. The range of marital dissolution litigation services provided by our team includes income available for support analyses, lifestyle analyses, asset tracing, real estate apportionment, business valuations, and expert witness testimony.

Business Valuation

Whether in the context of litigation or a dispute, dissolution of marriage proceedings, buying or selling a business, partnership matters or estate & gift taxation purposes, our certified valuation professionals can assist in meeting the intended purpose with a comprehensive and tailored report.

eDiscovery and Management Document Review

Today’s litigation environment often requires the production and/or review of electronic evidence and discovery. We can assist in identification, preservation, and collection of electronic data; data processing and hosting; document managed review; and specialized legal staffing for reviews. We also offer Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”) for larger, more complex matters.

Litigation Scanning

We provide large volume document preparation, indexing and scanning for litigation or investigations including OCR scanning, bates numbering, and coding.

Post-Acquisition Disputes

Our team can assist with disputes surrounding fraudulent representation and/or contractual post-closing purchase price adjustments related to working capital or earn-out provisions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We serve as mediator or neutral arbitrator typically in a post-closing M&A dispute over purchase price adjustments.


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Executive Vice President – Director of Litigation
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Brittany Vild, CPA
Vice President, Litigation Services & Family Law
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Marc Johnson, CPA, CFF
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Joe Scarlato, CFE
Chief Strategy Officer
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John Andrew, CPA, CFF, ACIArb, MAE
Senior Vice President, United Kingdom & European Operations
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Kaye D. Shelton, CPA
Senior Vice President

Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)
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Senior Vice President
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Vice President
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Megan Johnson
Vice President
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