Intelligence & Security Services

An Eye for What Matters

Today's organizations face ever-evolving risks that threaten the safety and security of their people, brands, and profits. The Lowers team provides intelligence and security services designed to root out potential threats, mitigate the risks, and proactively protect what matters.

Service Areas

Competitive Business Intelligence

A proper understanding within the local cultural and commercial context of professional reputations, government relationships, regulatory controls, and business profiles are vital in order to maximize commercial opportunities and minimize business risks. Lowers can help you achieve this by providing:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Information on sponsors, partners, agents, customers and vendors
  • Intellectual property control
  • Pre-transaction intelligence
  • Contest for corporate control
  • Patent and trademark protection
  • Intelligence on grey market and counterfeit goods

Private Investigations and Surveillance

Discrete private investigations are sometimes necessary in litigation and prior to or after business acquisitions/mergers. It is also necessary to uncover unsavory actions of business partners or unearthing the truth in order to make informed decisions. Observing the subject in their natural, day-to-day environment may also shed light on different actions and behavior. Lowers has an eye for details that matter.

Private Investigation:

  • Gather information from various databases, such as criminal records, marriages/divorces, mortgage records, higher educations, certificates, business affiliations, etc.
  • Locate individuals
  • Social media/character investigations
  • Process service


  • Covert information gathering
  • Corporate investigation
  • Insurance claims
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Associations (friends, colleagues, etc.)
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Counter surveillance

Asset Tracing and Recovery

In anticipation of civil litigation or dissolution of marriage proceedings, or in instances where the execution of a judgement is necessary, Lowers can assist in locating assets all over the world.

  • Identify asset ownership, to include real property and business interests
  • Identify associated debts
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Complaints, judgments, and liens
  • Adverse media and internet findings

Cyber Security & Risk Assessments

As the information revolution takes hold, securing the technological environment becomes ever more important. Lowers is at the forefront of helping clients deal with the realities of life in the age of cyberspace and computer piracy. Our experience in the investigation of high-technology incidents has proven that computers can have long memories, and that on the web, you can run but you can’t always hide. Protection at every stage: Cybercrime is an evolving risk that requires a comprehensive approach to protecting systems, networks, and programs from threats. It also requires the right response to recover from financial and reputational damage caused by a cyber-attack.

Lowers utilizes an “end-to-end” approach to Cyber Risk, including financial forensics, risk mitigation and preventative solutions. We address today’s most dangerous cybersecurity threats proactively in cases of prevention, remediation and loss. Our clients include insurance companies and enterprise organizations that operate in high-risk, highly regulated environments.

Protecting your business and its people from the inherent risks of doing business in the digital age requires a clear understanding of your risk exposure. Lowers performs risk assessments by conducting an impact analysis tailored to your business model and industry. We use sophisticated software tools and proven methodologies to pinpoint areas where you are most vulnerable to digital exploitation. These efforts culminate in a blueprint for understanding your loss probability and the operational changes required to mitigate risks.

IT Security Audits & Compliance

An IT audit is a rite of passage to remaining competitive in your industry. Our team can help you prepare for and respond to an IT audit, whether it is performed by internal or external auditors and examiners. Our international auditing team has vast experience performing reviews (or performing audits in partnership with external parties) using a wide range of IT frameworks and standards.

The penalties of non-compliance with regulatory standards are high, not only financially, but in terms of brand reputation. Our cybersecurity experts delve into your operations to assess the degree to which you comply with applicable standards. We then work side-by-side with you to implement protocols to shore up those risks. We help you interpret the myriad of IT security governance standards, determine your technology and security needs, and assist you in achieving operational readiness.

Workplace Security

Workplaces are also well-advised to adequately equip their environments with an appropriate level of physical security measures. The nature and scope of those measures will vary depending on the size, volume of daily traffic, and nature of the business. Physical security may include:

  • On-site security personnel
  • Identity verification (ID badges, biometric scanners)
  • Surveillance devices (security cameras, motion detectors, drones, undercover personnel)
  • Artificial intelligence solutions (active face recognition; recognition of brandished firearms, etc.)
  • Detection tools (metal detectors, sniffing dogs)
  • Defenses (shelters-in-place, emergency exit plans, weaponry, radios)

Physical and terrorist threats to companies, executives and other personnel are a regrettable fact of life in an uncertain world.

Tiger Kidnap

Tiger kidnapping is an increasingly common and distressing threat facing businesses across the specie industry. It is a risk you cannot afford to ignore. As a leader in international risk mitigation and loss prevention, the Lowers team has the proven experience to help protect your employees, brand, and profits from the dangers of this dramatic crime.

  • Assess your risks of tiger kidnap
  • Review tiger kidnap policies and procedures
  • Validate necessary controls
  • Provide attestation of internal controls
  • Raise awareness among employees
  • Evaluate and implement training
  • Maintain your brand reputation

Active Shooter Training Programs

A comprehensive training plan will encompass everything from learning to identify and report warning signs, to sharing info about available employee support resources, to knowing what to do in an active shooter situation. Training needs to be geared to all levels and stakeholders in the organization, from employees, to volunteers, to customers, to visitors.

Just as you prepare employees to respond to other emergencies, such as fires or tornadoes, with practice drills, you should prepare them how to react in the event of an active shooter or other workplace violence. This may include helping them recognize what gunshots sound like, know how to evacuate the building quickly, where to hide, how to barricade themselves, how to behave when law enforcement arrives, and even how to act out against a shooter as a last resort. The more they practice, the less likely they will be to freeze in the event that the unthinkable happens.


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