Anti-Fraud, Corporate Compliance and Training

Sound Practices for Strong Protection

Fraud and the lack of an effective corporate program is a real and significant business risk faced by companies around the world and one that, if unchecked, can significantly damage your company’s bottom line and ultimately debilitate its reputation, organizational integrity and even its viability.

At Lowers, our assessment and compliance process entails:

  • Identifying significant risks and emerging compliance issues.
  • Assisting with aligning and coordinating compliance and risk management activities so they can be embedded into the business.
  • Monitoring and measuring the design and operating effectiveness of compliance infrastructure, processes and controls.

Service Areas

Fraud Risk Assessments

Today, at this very moment, there may be some level of fraudulent activity taking place in your organization. Companies today face a wide and seemingly endless variety of fraud risks that can vary from employee theft, to fraudulent reporting, to corruption, to participation in illegal activities such as price fixing or money laundering.

Conducting a fraud risk assessment is the first step in establishing an effective fraud risk management program. Our process entails:

  • Determining the general types of fraud the company is susceptible to
  • Defining the “Fraud Hypotheses”
  • Determining the probability of fraud occurring and where
  • Determining the potential impact of identified fraud risks on the organization
  • Establishing fraud risk priorities
  • Comparing audit and control coverage to specific fraud risk

FCPA Compliance Assessments

We provide FCPA risk compliance assessments for companies taking proactive measures to understand their risks and exposure to global anti-bribery and corruption laws. We assist companies and their counsel contemplating voluntary disclosure or settlement with regulators. We review company operations, consultant, and agency relationships, cash transactions, employee T&E reports, marketing and sales practices, and accounting records to identify potential violations and investigate where necessary.

Compliance Program Advisory

Helping companies assess, develop, and improve their overall corporate compliance programs and procedures, we review corporate policies and procedures and assist with education, training, and internal audit programs.

Anti-Corruption/FCPA Compliance Training

We design and deliver anti-corruption/FCPA training to select business units, departments, or functions of a company in order to enhance their knowledge and create awareness of anti-corruption/FCPA issues and the company’s related policies and procedures. Our approach to developing and delivering tailored anti-corruption/FCPA training entails understanding the client’s business to identify and understand the most significant corruption risks, associated business drivers, and books and records practices, as well as understanding the client’s current anti-corruption/FCPA compliance program.


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