Lowers Forensics International Taps Big Data Analytics to Improve Insurance Claims Validation
December 18, 2018


Purcellville, VA — Financial forensics company, Lowers Forensics International, today announces its new big data analytics capability that promises to improve the speed and precision of claims valuation for insurance companies. Lowers Forensics International works with insurance companies around the world to measure and substantiate losses for accurate claims settlements.

The addition of a big data analytics capability enables Lowers Forensics International to meet the increasingly complex needs of insurance companies, freeing up capacity for loss adjusters and optimizing claims management.

“Insurance companies are being asked to deliver a positive experience for their insureds, accurately determine losses, and cut operating costs,” explains Joe Scarlato, President of Lowers Forensics International. “Big data analytics promises to improve claims management in ways that address each of these often competing needs,” he continued.

With the help of big data analytics, the experts at Lowers Forensics International will be able to identify patterns more quickly in order to facilitate claims processing, detect fraud, establish liability, and accelerate claims closure.

To learn more about Lowers Forensics International and its big data analytics capability, contact Joe Scarlato, President, International, at, call (540) 338-7151, or visit