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Efficiency, Accuracy and Evolution: Why It (Really) Matters to the Insurance Industry
October 9, 2020

Senior Vice President of Lowers Forensics International, David Gardiner, has spent the last 20 years evaluating economic and financial claims for insurance industry clients as a forensic accountant. A seasoned veteran in his chosen profession, he’s managed major BI, extra expense, fidelity, fraud, and cyber claims around the world.

Why does this matter?

The world – and the people in it – are moving faster every day. Businesses, communities, and employees are more connected than ever. While each catastrophe tests those bonds, what is never in doubt is the question about recovery: How fast can we get back to business as usual?

Having been on the ground for most of the major catastrophes over the last two decades, David believes the future of forensic accounting MUST look different if it is to keep pace.

Since joining LFI, David has been part of the team that launched Stratis, the industry’s first and only small claims calculation tool that automates key pieces of the claims process. He and his team have embraced Stratis’ automation capabilities as a way to enhance the customer service experience. When combined with human intelligence, Stratis has organically improved accuracy and efficiency while evolving as market needs change or new financial models need to be built.

“Today, the process of analyzing a BI claim is very manual,” he said. “Our AI technology within Stratis allows us to automate and streamline pieces of the process that take too much time. This tool has enabled us to deliver faster turnaround times and pass the cost savings down to our clients.”

In today’s Coffee Break, David explains why Efficiency, Accuracy and Evolution matter to the insurance industry.

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